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Elevating a Green Fintech report through impactful design

for CGFI (UK Centre for Green Finance and Investment)

CGFI, UK Centre for Green Finance and Investment logo.

In today’s evolving business environment, presenting research findings in an engaging and accessible manner is critical for maximising impact.

When the UK Centre for Green Finance and Investment (CGFI) faced the challenge of finalising and presenting their research report on ‘green fintech,’ they turned to The Agile Communications Agency and Hutch Agency for support. Here’s how we helped CGFI transform their report into a striking digital publication

Understanding the challenge

CGFI’s report on green fintech was the culmination of extensive research, offering valuable insights into how ‘evolutions across the demand and supply side of green fintech are setting up the sector for sustainable growth’. However, they faced a common problem: ensuring that their meticulously gathered data and conclusions were presented in a manner that would engage stakeholders and industry professionals. 
The key requirements were: 

  • Clarity: The data needed to be conveyed in an understandable format. 
  • Engagement: The report had to be visually appealing to maintain reader interest. 
  • Shareability: The final product needed to be in a digital format suitable for sharing at their annual forum and beyond. 

Crafting the Solution

As part of our collaborations with Hutch, we pride ourselves on transforming raw research into polished, professional publications. Our approach to CGFI’s challenge was multi-faceted: 

  • Collaborative planning – We started with a conversation with CGFI to understand their research content and the core messages they wanted to convey.  
  • Design and layout – Our design team at Hutch then crafted a cohesive visual theme that reflected the innovative and sustainable focus of green fintech. Using a combination of clean lines, green colour schemes, and strategic use of infographics, we enhanced readability and visual appeal. 
  • Content structure – We structured the report to highlight key findings and insights prominently. By breaking it into digestible sections and using callouts for critical data points, we made the content accessible. 

The Impact

The outcome was a beautifully designed digital publication that not only elevated the content of CGFI’s report but also provided a professional and engaging reading experience. The report was met with positive feedback at the forum, with attendees praising its clarity and visual appeal. 

Our work with CGFI is just one example of how we help organisations present their research and impact reports compellingly. Here’s why businesses trust us with their most important publications: 

  • Our team has a keen eye for design that enhances readability and engagement. 
  • We work closely with clients to ensure their vision and message are faithfully represented. 
  • Whether it’s a digital publication, printed material, or interactive content, we tailor our services to meet your needs. 

Green Fintech 2.0 report

Janak Padhi.ar, Innovation and Design Associate, CGFI 

“Working with Charla and Agile’s design team has been an exceptional experience for us at CGFI! My colleague and I had a specific vision for a green fintech landscape report tailored to a particular audience, and the Design Team exceeded our expectations. Additionally, their turnaround time was impressively fast.” 

Janak Padhiar, Innovation and Design Associate, CGFI 

Looking to elevate your research and impact reports? We can transform your data into a visually compelling story that resonates with your audience.