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Embracing nature and fostering wellness – through litter picking! 

Charla and Rachel doing a littler pick on Truro Loops.

At The Agile Communications Agency, fostering a positive and nurturing culture isn’t just a goal—it’s a commitment we live by every day. As the Agency Manager, I’m proud to share how our dedication to both our team and the environment is shaping our B-Corp journey. One of the most enriching aspects of this journey is our ‘Green & Blue’ days, where we set aside 4 work days a year for volunteering and connecting with nature. 

Our most recent event took place at the end of June when we set out to clean a section of the Truro Loops Trail. 

A day on the Truro Loops Trail 

We started our day at Gas Hill in Newham, armed with litter-picking kits borrowed from the Biffa depot—a fantastic resource that’s free for anyone to use and facilitated by Clean Cornwall 

As we meandered along the river, the team chatted and reflected on the week, all while collecting litter. The route brought us out at Highertown near County Hall, (a particularly grubby spot!) before we retraced our steps back towards our office. 

Lyssa and Rachel doing a littler pick on Truro Loops.

Despite the beauty of the trail being relatively unspoiled, we still managed to fill a whole black bag with discarded plastics, tins, and cigarette ends. The satisfaction of tidying up our environment was palpable, and the gamification of litter picking added an unexpected layer of fun and competition when shiny tins were spotted in the hedgerows at the same time! 

The power of nature and human connection 

Spending time in nature is a core value at Agile. Whether it’s the calming presence of the sea or the serene embrace of woodland, we understand the profound benefits these ‘blue’ and ‘green’ spaces offer. Our Green & Blue days are a testament to this belief, providing us with the perfect blend of environmental stewardship and personal rejuvenation. 

An unexpected highlight of our litter-picking adventure was the connections we made along the way. Meeting a group of Truro Loops volunteers at a newly opened picnic area allowed us to share our experiences and learn about their ongoing efforts to maintain the trail. The simple act of carrying a black bag and a grabber invited smiles and encouraging words from passersby, creating brief but meaningful interactions that boosted ours and their spirits with mini hits of ‘happy hormones’. 

Overcoming self-consciousness for a greater good 

This was my first litter pick. In the past, I have let the common feeling of ‘self-consciousness’ and internal dialogue of ‘what if people look at me’ deter me from grabbing a grabber and doing good. And while, these efforts may feel like a drop in the ocean in the wider climate context, as someone recently said to me: “It’s better to improve 100 things by 1% than 1 thing by 100%.”  

Our Green & Blue days remind us that seemingly little contributions can still help and that the collective effort of our team contributes to a healthier environment and a stronger sense of community. It’s not just about the physical act of cleaning; it’s about the connections we make, the smiles we share, and the positive energy we generate. 

Fancy joining us on our next Green & Blue Day? 

Our 3rd Green & Blue day of 2024, will take place in September, and we are inviting our business community to join us.  We will be heading to Marazion to take part in the Marine Conservation Society’s Big Seaweed Search 

Drop Charla an email if you’d like to come along.