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The top tools that make my life as a marketer easier 

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Working in marketing and communications is fun, but seriously fast-paced!

I’m usually spinning a lot of plates and being armed with the right tool kit makes a huge difference in keeping me productive – and sane!  

So today, I’m going to share some super secrets with you – these are the top tools that make my life as a marketer easier!  


As an Agile marketer, I love a bit of Kanban to keep my projects awesomely managed.  

At Agile, we work remotely most of the time so having a virtual Kanban board is really important, so we have full transparency of tasks in real-time. There are lots available, but I’m team Trello. I even use it to plan things off the clock, like Christmas.  

It helps foster transparency and collaboration those awesome Agile things! 

Now we have the right tool to keep our planning nailed, it’s time to get creating! 


OK, so full disclosure. I’m a dyslexic copywriter – which can be challenging!  
My parents like to remind me of one school report I received which said, “If only all of Lyssa’s writing was as creative as her spelling!”  

So, it’s safe to say I need a bit of help checking my work! I use Grammarly to help spot any errors, then I often copy my work into Typely Editor and a Google Doc in a different font to catch any other strays. Followed finally by reading aloud.

But the top tool in this process is definitely Grammarly!

Now we’ve got the words right, it’s time to share them with our audience.  


Email marketing is an effective part of your comms toolkit. It’s a great way of connecting with and nurturing your audience.  

We use Mailchimp to send email newsletters and updates to our audience, and we use it as part of our lead generation funnel.  

I particularly love the email automation we can set up in Mailchimp, so we know indoctrination campaigns and other email sequences are firing even as we sleep! Huzzah! 

OK, so that’s one method of connecting with our audience. Now we just need to make sure it’s looking good! 


As a non-designer who needs to design things daily – Canva is incredible.  

I use Canva to create beautiful graphics for social media, infographics, and even email banners. It helps me keep everything on brand and look gorgeous!  It also has a bank of open-source stock imagery which helps me find the perfect photos for my creations. Oh and the cut-out tool saves so much time! 

They’re working on some cool AI functionality too, like changing the clothes you’re wearing in a photo– it’s not perfect yet but it’s worth keeping an eye on. 

Now we’ve got things looking gorgeous it’s time to check on performance.  

Search Console 

I use Search Console to track my website performance and improve its search rankings. It gives us valuable insights into how people are finding our site, what keywords they’re using, and which pages are performing best.  

We use all this juicy info to optimise our website, our content, and identify technical issues that need fixing.  

We want a site that’s easily accessible and user friendly, one that drives more traffic – and Search Console helps us to do this.  

But we don’t stop there with our performance checking! 


Hotjar is heatmapping software that helps us better understand our website visitors behaviour and allows us to enhance the experience.  

Heatmapping is a data visualisation technique that uses colour coded visualisations to show how visitors are e interacting with a website, highlighting areas of high and low activity. 

Hotjar also creates session recordings so you can watch people (anonymised) as they interact with your website. We can use these recordings and the heatmaps to see where people are experiencing difficulties on our websites – which means we know where to make improvements.  

Data-driven marketing in action!  


OK, so those are the top tools that make my life as a marketer easierbut how about a bonus one?  


We use Otter to create transcripts for meetings, interviews, and even videos so we can create accurate captions. Otter quickly converts spoken content into text – which saves me a lot of time and I don’t miss any important details!  

Anything that helps me focus on creativity and strategy over admin is a win in my book! 


Working in marketing often means you’re running in a whirlwind of activity, but having the right tools can make all the difference. From managing projects with Trello to ensuring my copy is flawless with Grammarly, and from crafting eye-catching designs in Canva to optimising website performance with Search Console and Hotjar, each tool plays a crucial role in keeping the chaos in check. And let’s not forget the time-saving magic of Otter.ai for transcriptions.  

These tools not only boost productivity but also help maintain a sense of sanity in our fast-paced world. So, if you’re looking to streamline your marketing efforts, give these tools a try – they might just become your new best friends! 

Those are the top tools that make my life as a marketer easier – which ones would you add to the list? 

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