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Trends and predictions for 2024 from Team Agile 

A crystal ball looking to the future across a green and blue landscape.

As we gear up for the excitement of a new year, there’s a tangible sense of anticipation in the air. At the Agile Communications Agency, we’re not just sitting back – we’re right in the mix, shaping what’s to come. That’s why we’ve brought together our team of experts to give you the lowdown on what to expect in 2024 in the world of marketing and communications.  

Join us as we take a peek into the future. Our crew covers everything from tech to business to culture, giving you a well-rounded view of what’s on the horizon. 

Whether it’s AI shaking up PR or the latest in branding trends, we’ve got the scoop to get you thinking. Ready to dive in and see what’s in store for the year ahead?

Grab your copy of our PDF guide and let’s explore our trends and predictions for 2024 together. 

About the authors: 

Our team of awesomely Agile humans are experts at delivering complex comms and are always up to date with the changing landscape. Our experts have collaborated to create this free download so they can share their trends and predictions for 2024. 

Rachel Foster is the Founder and Director of the Agile Communications Agency. She’s a chartered PR and certified Agile coach. She is the zesty lime that elevates the gorgeous guacamole that is the Agile team.  

Charla Symons is our Agency Manager who has a background in marketing, which is the secret sauce to us delivering courageous communications to our clients.  

Scott Fulton is a Coach, Trainer and Podcast host. He has won multiple awards for his work and helps teams deliver high performance without burnout!  

Lyssa-Fêe Crump is our Head of Digital and a massive marketing nerd. She’s all about Agile, data-driven marketing and messaging that isn’t vague or vanilla.  

Alex Graves is the Creative Director at Hutch, our go-to branding and design partner. He always wows our clients with his concepts, he really knows what the people like! 

Jess Bents is the Founder of PB&J Web Design, our wonderful web partners. Her background in sales and marketing means she approaches web development in a unique way that really levels up our projects.  

Suzannah Leigh is a Web and Graphic designer who works on loads of our projects with us where she works her wonderful magic on the web.  


The Agile Communications Agency is your partner in navigating the complexities of communications in the modern world. With a focus on unlocking authentic awesomeness, we help our clients reach new heights and accelerate towards their business goals. Join us as we deliver Agile excellence—one Post-it at a time. 

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