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Delivering Agile communications that work

… one post-it at a time

How we work

We can collaborate with you:

as a collective of Agile coaches ready to help you unlock and unleash your team’s potential

as your dedicated communications resource ready to speak your message in a targeted and creative way

as an extension of your existing team delivering a boost of additional resource when you need it

What we do



Public Relations | PR


Digital marketing

Brand strategy

Content creation

Public Speaking

Our Approach

Always Agile, always strategic.

We adopt an Agile approach to strategic communications where we embrace the Agile principles and opportunities to review workflow, adapting where needed.

We focus on delivering value for you quickly, and regularly.
To do this, we work in sprints which are timeboxed periods of activity with clear outputs.

We’re here to elevate your business, and we do that through creative collaboration and total transparency.

Want to know more about how we work and what we do? Take a look at our case studies. 

Throughout our partnership, we always embody our values:

Diversity & Inclusion

Autonomy & Ownership

Humanity & Humour

Friendly positivity


Delivering value

Claire Bloomfield - NCIMI CEO.

“It has been a huge boon for NCIMI to have Agile as a ‘safe pair of hands’ that we could trust to help us develop our brand and establish the profile for our new entity. As we were developing a programme from scratch, there was a lot of uncertainty and evolving needs.”

Dr Claire Bloomfield


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