Agile training

For teams and individuals

Levelled up leadership

Agile training is what you need to take your leadership skills to the next level.

You’re constantly trying to balance changing requirements, with delivering results and looking after your humans. Want to improve the processes and ethos behind how you actually do this?  

The Agile Manifesto is all about collaboration, thinking outside of the box, problem-solving, and working smarter. Sounds like just what you need right?

Why Agile?

Agile may have originated from the software development world but it can supercharge your PR and communications teams, and we’re here to guide you through it. 

Agile helps your teams work together towards clear goals, in time-boxed sprints. It gives the whole team visibility of each other’s work and clarity of expectations – which is motivating and reassuring!

Ready to get Agile?

Agile training is similar to Agile coaching however, training is focused on a few intense sessions together. Whereas coaching offers more ongoing support during a longer-term relationship. 

Want to be better at responding to change over following a plan?
Ready to help take your team to the next level? Get in touch today for some Agile awesomeness.


Potential Agile training activities:

Helping you understand the ethos of Agile

Teaching you how to utilise the Agile ceremonies

Facilitating team away days getting to grips with Agile

Katie Moore from Unlocking Potential.

“Agile consistently delivers on-point, strategic coaching for my clients; giving them the support they need to harness powerful PR and content for their business.”

Katie Moore

Unlocking Potential