Strategic and creative

Where to start?

Strategic communications should be the first step in your marketing and communications plan before you commission any content or PR work. 

But first, let’s address the strategic elephant in the room. Strategy as a term gets used a LOT, and often people don’t really understand the meaning or the value. 

It’s how we define where your organisation, brand or project wants to go and set some exciting goals. Then, all we need to do is build the means to get there.

Agile communications

With our added Agile awesomeness, we’ll embed with your organisation to get to the nub of the issue and make a robust strategy to help you achieve your goals. 

But we won’t ever produce a weighty document that will live in the back of a drawer collecting dust.
We’ll produce something usable and engaging for us to refer to while helping you achieve your communications goals.

You need someone to help you realise your vision and bring it to life, whether that’s for internal or external audiences. We can use strategic communications to help you find the right way to promote your mission, product, or services to the right audience, in the right place. 

Need some help discovering and defining your values?

No problem, we can do that and then ensure all your communication activities are aligned.

We’re the creative critical thinkers you need on your team. 

If you need some Agile communications awesomeness, get in touch today. 

Potential communication activities:

Brand values development​

Communications strategy development ​

Audience definitions / customer personas creation

Claire Bloomfield - NCIMI CEO.

“It has been a huge boon for NCIMI to have Agile as a ‘safe pair of hands’ that we could trust to help us develop our brand and establish the profile for our new entity. As we were developing a programme from scratch, there was a lot of uncertainty and evolving needs.”

Dr Claire Bloomfield