Public Relations

Where to start?

PR, at its core, is about shaping and sharing your brand’s message with the outside world. 

We want to get you in front of more of the right people in engaging, and sometimes unconventional, ways.

As your partner, we will help you with strategic positioning, managing your reputation, allowing you to expand your reach in the right ways. 

PR perfection

We can help you craft newsworthy stories and share these through press releases, social media, video content, events, etc. 

Quite a few members of the Agile Communications team started out working in journalism, so we have that handy insider knowledge about what excites and delights the press! 

Effective public relations involve research and reviewing of ROI (Return on Investment), so we channel your energy in the right areas. It’s both proactive and reactive. If there is a hot story out there that we think you should comment on and engage with, you can bet we’re going to tell you about it!

Need help becoming newsworthy?

We’re the messaging experts you need on your team. 

If you need some Agile PR awesomeness, get in touch today.

Potential PR activities:

Media relations

Press release drafting

Presentation slide deck designs

Booking public speaking engagements

Media training

Crisis communication training

Digital PR

Katie Moore from Unlocking Potential.

“Agile consistently delivers on-point, strategic coaching for my clients; giving them the support they need to harness powerful PR and content for their business.”

Katie Moore

Unlocking Potential