The Agile Communications Academy

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At The Agile Communications Agency, we have been applying Agile working and thinking to PR and marketing since 2012.  

We’ve worked across the UK and globally to bring our take on how Agile can transform productivity, deliver value and bring teams together.  

The Agile Communications Academy is a structured programme of coaching for communications, creative and non-software teams.   

We bring together experienced coaches and facilitators to identify what is holding back workflow, how to improve collaboration across teams and set you on the pathway to success.  

Agility for PRoductivity

Introducing the Agility for PRoductivity course from The Agile Communications Academy! 

This digital, on-demand short course offers 5 hours of guided learning through videos, workbooks, and downloadable resources designed to help you manage your workload more effectively.

Course highlights

Don’t let workload stress and burnout hold you back. Enrol in the Agility for PRoductivity course today and take the first step towards a more productive and balanced professional life. 

Course modules

The Agility for PRoductivity course provides 5 hours of learning and XX CPD points through the following modules

  • What does it mean to be a productive Agile communicator? 
  • Embracing a Retrospective 
  • What is Agile, anyway? 
  • The Agile mindset  
  • Visualising your workflow 
  • Analogue systems for a digital world  
  • Your personal productivity plan  

Get the full Agility for
PRoductivity today at our introductory price of £99!

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